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Reply To: Shifting Waste – service

Deepak Handa

Dear pals,

We are working hard for the last almost two years to make this Call Center boom in India a real success story. Thinking from India Inc. angle its immaterial what technology we use and what investment we make, only thing matters is that we as India Inc. shall be able to deliver the best service as expected by any world class call center.We shall prove to world that our gigantic pool of qualified professionals can turn the tide.

Somehow I feel We are yet to learn exactly what the SERVICE is. What we experience in India in the name of service does not qualify at international level of expectation. We need do go in finer details of every bit and piece of a call center. We need to have more elaborate procedures and still more stringent guidelines to follow that procedure to accomplish any minor or major task. We need to put us in shoes of International community who wishes to outsource their business to India and thus prepare us from their point of view.

Its needless to say that we need to think ahead to cater to not only international markets current requirement but also to their future needs.

Lets take an example of any third party call center in India. what it involves itself is in telemarketing and other similar campaigns(Coz this is the only easily available business untill the accent neutralisation is achieved by all its CSRs/or some chat email business is appended to it). These call centers have limited them to this one aspect of business in a call center, coz they don’t think ahead. What they need to think is that if they have provision to accommodate all five modes of contact i.e. Voice(inbound & outbound),e-mail,webchat and FAX. then their call centers rather contact centers can invite a mix of all these business.This will enhance the productivity of their CSRs too. as they will no longer be into a monotonous job routine.

These features of a call center can be planned well in advance and thus any kind of business can be accomodated very easily.

Previously our friends used to invest huge amounts in buying heavy and cumbersome equipment, good enough to handle one mode of contact only and used to add on another heavy gadgetry to weave around their existing set-up to move ahead form one kind of business to other.Somehow I don’t appreciate it.

what Technology is for? why can’t you use it to serve you better and faster,it helps you to change as per the faster changing times.I think its pointless to rope your cadilac behind your bulls.

Bull is a sterdy animal and is reliable since the time immemorials, but you won’t find them pulling carts around the world, other than India off-course.

we are doing it still the old fashioned way an thats the reason why we are not getting quality business from international market. we need to gain confidence of our clients not only by adopting their better work culture,professionalism and higher standards of service but also by employing futuristic yet cheap technology, which shall have all features of a contact center blended in one, and these features can be revoked only by changing the software key as and when the need arise.Which I feel will imbibe sense of confidence in international clients(who are already using Limos and cadilacs and will appreciate if someone will provide luxary and economy in one pack)