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Reply To: Shifting Waste – service

R. Viswanathan

Hello friends,

I am the founder & CEO of an IT project consultancy firm in India. We have recently diversified into setting up Call Center projects for our clients.

I fully agree with John that Call center should not (and cannot) be turned into a mass product unit. Every customer call is like an uncut diamond – handle it very carefully, you end up with a glittering diamond piece ; if you do not, you are left with just a piece of carbon !

GE Capital and British Airways are perhaps standing examples of how the call center business can be outsourced from India – without any compromise on the caliber of the Agent or the effectiveness of his/her handling the customers.

Outsourcing per-se is not wrong, provided only professionals who understand this business, be it India or China are at the helm of affairs. Training, retaining and orienting the agents the right way shall certainly add value to the Company and the client.

Which obviously means that the savings in costs or value addition can sure be a long term support solution.

I welcome readers’ views !

R. Viswanathan