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Our Erlang software products use the long-established Erlang traffic models to assist you with the design and analysis of your voice communications networks.

Erlang for Excel

An Add-In for Microsoft Excel that introduces eight new functions to Excel, allowing you to incorporate Erlang B, Extended Erlang B and Erlang C calculations in your own spreadsheets. Packaged with Westbay Traffic Calculators, this provides you with the industry-standard Erlang calculation tools for life.

Free upgrades for life on a single computer for a once-only charge of just $99.

Westbay Traffic Calculators

Packaged with Erlang for Excel, this programme comprises four Windows calculators for Erlang B and Erlang C. Use them to dimension trunk groups and predict the performance of your help desk or call center agents.

Westbay Traffic Calculators - Erlang B
Westbay Traffic Calculators – Erlang B calculator

Free upgrades for life on a single computer for a once-only charge of just $99.

VoIP Calculator

Our Voice over IP bandwidth calculator for Windows. It includes two calculators: the Lines and IP Bandwidth Calculator and the Erlangs and IP Bandwidth Calculator.

VoIP Calculator - bandwidth calculation

Lifetime use on a single computer with free upgrades for only $59.

Our customers

Buy our Erlang products and you’ll be in good company. We have become the trusted supplier of industry-standard Erlang software to the world’s largest companies and governments. Tens of thousands of customers in 125 countries across six continents rely on us for their Erlang traffic software.

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