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Maintaining the confidence of our visitors and customers is very important to us.  This page shows our privacy statement, and includes details of some of the technical aspects of this Web site.

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Privacy statement

We guarantee that the details with which we are entrusted will only ever be used to inform you of developments within our company.  We will never pass these details to a third party.


Our Web site makes extensive use of cookies.   These are small pieces of information which we send to your browser and which are stored locally on your PC.  Each time you subsequently access a page on our Web site, this information is sent back to us.

Our cookies make reference to two elements:

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This information is very useful to us, and helps us to improve our marketing techniques, and assess our performance in search engine positioning.  No personal information is stored in our cookies.

Cookies, as we use them, are not a security risk, and the information which we obtain from them is never passed to a third party.  If you choose to disable cookies while browsing, there should be no adverse affect.  We would prefer that you enabled cookies.  After all, if our marketing skills were not good enough, you may never have found this site!


JavaScript is a client side scripting language.  This means that the processor within your own computer is used to run small programmes.   JavaScript is used in many areas of the site, including the online Erlang Call Center Calculators.  Our use of JavaScript poses no security threat, and we recommend that it be enabled.  Disabling JavaScript will have a significantly detrimental affect on your experiences at this site.

Cross-browser support

We have tried hard to make this site as accessible as possible.  It has been tested using both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Inevitably, certain features work better on certain browsers.
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