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ericsson rbs element manager

jamil - 21st June 2017  (18:27 GMT)

hi zajuly
you can down load from duw http//:
or any ip u use it in ur country

zajulay - 18th June 2017  (09:50 GMT)

i need emas

Simon Paul Tapia - 24th May 2017  (12:08 GMT)

Needed Only

Popat lal - 4th March 2017  (10:06 GMT)

i have use rbs element manager

Borice - 4th February 2017  (11:12 GMT)

Thx dear Janil.

Janil - 26th January 2017  (16:57 GMT)

Hi Borice put ip that contacted to node like if your ip is you should put Http// at internet explorer and u should contacted to duw and you will see elements manger file and type of Java for updates.

Borice - 23rd January 2017  (09:12 GMT)

Good morning all;
Please, cane somebody assist on how to get RBS element manager. I need to configure the DUW.

Apol - 13th April 2016  (13:54 GMT)

I want to add one more DUW from the existing DUW(one only) I mean to cascade the two DUWs. But when I finished the cabinet config.. I couldnt able to reload the SiteEquipment script. It was getting error.. Did I miss anything??

Adda - 7th April 2016  (21:47 GMT)

How use element manager and how analyse duw

hadi - 20th January 2016  (10:32 GMT)

I use the software "element manager" 3G technology (DUW)

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