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ericsson rbs element manager

SLIMAN - 7th November 2018  (17:23 GMT)


Thawatchai - 31st October 2018  (03:11 GMT)


khak - 12th May 2018  (12:33 GMT)


Kyaw Myo Zaw - 13th March 2018  (23:07 GMT)

My old rbs element was not working.

LEANDRO ANDRADE - 21st February 2018  (18:00 GMT)

Setup for EMAS Element Management Launcher compartibility Windows 10.

mani - 29th January 2018  (07:24 GMT)

Hi all , can i login to a nodeb from winfiol ?
If so , how ? please guide ..
can i have the necessery commands from somewhere ?
with thanks in advance

gyan singh negi - 2nd January 2018  (05:38 GMT)

RBS element required for RBS commisioning

EM in Windows 10 64 bit - 15th December 2017  (05:10 GMT)

Hello, I need help to be able to install EM in windows 64 bit 64. I can not get the EM Software installed. already probe down the application of a DUW node directly and also does not work. I await your comments.

Jamil - 8th September 2017  (10:24 GMT)

Hi larry . Window 10 not compatible with element manger also if u format the flash card for dug it will damage it better to change to win7 .

Larry - 7th September 2017  (16:11 GMT)

Hello All,

I have been struggling to install Element Manager on my Windows 10 Enterprise operating system, but it is not working.

Can someone help on what i can do to be able to install it on my Windows 10 Enterprise operating system?


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