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CF Alarms in Ericsson

pavan - 29th December 2017  (09:20 GMT)

CF Alarms means?

Tanuj - 23rd January 2014  (13:36 GMT)

Dear Deepak
CF Central Function will lead to the BTS getting Down completely, it can occur due to many reasons, the Abis may be down, there may be some Power Related issue at BTS end etc.

Deepak - 23rd January 2014  (11:57 GMT)

Hi Anyone pls from ericsson OnM

Deepak - 23rd January 2014  (05:39 GMT)


What does Central function Alarms CF Alarms means? I know CF is the DXU in BTS as MO object entity. What I want to know is which alarms actually raise it like does VSWR,Rx diversity lost, Trx block raise this CF alarm. What is the criterion and how does it hampers the BTS operations actually?

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