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UMTS-GSM Guardband

Mazahir - 8th August 2017  (09:02 GMT)


Actually it depends on vendor and HW specification as well.

Because according to Nokia recommendation , there is Sandwich-type frequency allocation which allows even to use last 200 KHZ frequencies from each end as GSM TCH frequency (in 4.4 MHZ).



pix - 19th July 2013  (13:39 GMT)

ok, 850 *should* be the same. I'm quite sure the 3GPP did the same kind of study for 850 too, but it's for you to find it :)


Jason - 19th July 2013  (13:31 GMT)

Thanks Pix,
We are running both of these on 850.

I appriciate the help.

pix - 18th July 2013  (14:08 GMT)

hi jason,

My initial post was actually asking in which frequency band you werre working. I assume you're talking about GSM900 and UMTS900 co-existance ?

In this case, 3GPP said that a guard band of 300 kHz is enough. One GSM chanel = 200kHz, so you're fine if you keep 2 arfcn (400kHz) separation between the start/end of UMTS 5MHz bw and the first used GSM channel.

If you want to read : 3GPP TR 25.816

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think the operator for which I'm working for at the moment is only using 200kHz guard band. This has to be confirmed.


Jason - 17th July 2013  (22:00 GMT)

I have just heard from a friend that we should have 1Mhz between our GSM and UMTS frequencys.

Jason - 10th July 2013  (13:37 GMT)

Thanks Pix,
I dont really understand what your saying exacly. We currently would like GSM and UMTS on consecutive blocks of frequency with out any guard band between for example perhaps a 200 kHz guard band. I am not sure this would work. have you done this?

pix - 9th July 2013  (15:23 GMT)


UMTS 900 is located on the same band as GSM 900.

You have to dissociate the technology (UMTS) from the band being used (2100, 800, 900, ...)


Jason - 6th July 2013  (21:22 GMT)

I was under the impression that there needs to be a guard band between UMTS and GSM. Is this true or false?
Thanks in advance

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