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Ericsson CE

sandeep - 9th June 2019  (10:00 GMT)

DownlinkBaseBandPool_DlHwLessThanDlCapacity configuration_or_customizing_error Subrack=1,DownlinkBaseBandPool=1

pix - 30th March 2013  (12:28 GMT)


this alarm indicates that the number of licensed CE allocated on the DUW1 is higher than the HW capacity of the DUW.
If there are 2 DUW on this RBS :
increase the dlfractbbpool2, in order to provide more licensed CE to DUW2 and less to DUW1.

If only one DUW, then nevermind : the licensed CE are just too high, and the actual number of CE will be the hardware limit.

If DUW30, check that the HS Resources is at least 3, that's a way to increase the hw ce capacity. Sometimes it's set to "2" only.

Could you please paste the top & bottom tables of "invh" (the one with DUW, and the one with CE licenses + resources)
and the result of "get . fract"


ater - 28th March 2013  (01:43 GMT)

adchreservation will let you with less available DL CHE for R99 traffic (this creates a mismach between HW installed and licences). As the DL pool is always the less loaded in general this is not an issue but if you have DL HW congestion you could try either to increase the amount of CHE or reduce the reservation (there is a couter that tells you how many adch are you really using). But you will still have the alarm: DownlinkBaseBandPool_DlHwLessThanDlCapacity Subrack=1,DownlinkBaseBandPool=1. But anyway this doesn't imply a malfunction is just en indication

flavio - 14th January 2013  (17:21 GMT)

hi all,
for the ericsson node level ive got the following alarm: DownlinkBaseBandPool_DlHwLessThanDlCapacity Subrack=1,DownlinkBaseBandPool=1 (configuration_or_customizing_error). by using INVHW ive got CEs license capacity/available-max for a certain node, and confirm that alarm makes sense.

can anybody clarify if adchreservation and/or hscodes interfere onto the available CEs? or even some other parameter? or if invhw returns instantaneous numbers?


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