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pix - 30th April 2017  (19:30 GMT)

hi Ayat,

CCO is not a handover : resource is not reserved beforehand, network doesn't know that mobile is changing cell, and mobile has to do a standard (full) setup on the target cell.

It is possible to perform a real PS HO from 3G to 2G, involving a procedure which is specified in 3GPP
as "IRAT HO". Alternatively it is also possible to use the CCO to perform mobility from 3G to 2G. Both procedures exist, and the operator has to choose whether or not to activate PS HO.
Activating PS HO will (mostly) replace the CCO.
Most operators I know do not activate PS HO, in order to avoid compressed mode during PS transfer. They'd rather let the PS transfer continue until the drop. Since it is "bursty", there are very high chances that the transfer will be over before the drop.

So yeah, back to the point, you can define the KPI for mobility PS 3G to 2G based on CCO and/or PS HO, whichever one is used.


Ayat - 24th April 2017  (19:16 GMT)

Actually i have read a lot of docs about thi since long time , and i think CCO is seamless handover
But cco no need to resouecse reservatuon before ho
Our formula only consider cco procedure and ps inter rat ho is zero
Also 3gpp docs define ps inter rat umts to gprs as cco

LEMAURE - 23rd April 2017  (21:57 GMT)

Hello Ayat,

you should better use the first formula as it is based on 2G neighbor measurements (real HO) whereas cell change is rather reselection/redirection which in fact doESn't need neighbors to happen; therefore is not assimilated to HO

Ayat - 23rd April 2017  (11:01 GMT)

My question about the formula

We have two formula for inter rat ps handover umts to gprs
1 is ps inter rat outgoing success / attempts
AND the other vendor using cco
Cell change request to define
Inter rat ps outgoing ho to gprs

So we have to work with one kpi formula ?
Which one is reflect the right value for ps ho ?

Niraj - 18th January 2012  (04:00 GMT)

Hi Kamal,

Can you please share the required definitions at SGSN end.We are facing issue with 3G-2G PS HO.The cell order chage message we are getting but after GPRS suspension requestPDP context is being activated in 2G and after that it comes under Standby mode.Speed becomes zero and we needto switch off the phone again to use data services.


Kamal - 29th December 2011  (10:01 GMT)

no more pros & cons at all...!!

Only few thresolds & proper configuration @ sgsn..

We have implemented PS HO from 3G to 2G in network sharing..!!

We don't have 3G spectrum so using other operator's plmn for 3G...!

in this EPLMN,we are doing fine PS ho..


pix - 14th December 2011  (18:02 GMT)


it sounds like you have a great test scenario that you should do with a drivetest :) With qoS stats, I'm sure you could assess how badly the 3G is while it is loaded (looking at reselection %, coding scheme used, etc)

IMO if the 3G is so bad that the MS reselects the 2G, even with the most aggressive thresholds, then be it. But that has to be verified on the field.


mXa - 14th December 2011  (10:10 GMT)

By heavy user traffic,I mean something like BH traffic.

So, 3G cell would shrink and Inter-RAT scenario to be considered.


pix - 13th December 2011  (18:01 GMT)


I'm not sure I understand. Could you explain what you mean by

"Having heavy 3G data usage will send u to 2G most of the times."



mXa - 12th December 2011  (08:16 GMT)

I am working with this current setup but here comes the question. And yes, reselection in idle mode is enabled.

- Having heavy 3G data usage will send u to 2G most of the times.

- Will u start with 3G and get most of the time transferred to 2G? because even making aggressive thresholds will allow more users to use 3G data which will lead to same result eventually.

- Keep the MS on 3G but in case of heavy data usage, MS won't have a good HSDPA throughput (because 3G penetration increased). However, this will still be better than 2G experience in terms of throughput.

Know what i mean?


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