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Ranjit - 11th September 2018  (09:53 GMT)

Hi All,
Which OSS KPI, KQI can reflect the Net Promotor Score (NPS) or MOS of the GSM, UMTS and LTE network.

Thank You


opti_baby - 29th April 2017  (14:49 GMT)

SQI is based on digital signal, MOS now is compare voice, actually, SQI is suit to test, but, in some countries, they make the product (audio card) for MOS testing, then they push operator test MOS, actually MOS testing is a lie

Himanshu varshney - 28th April 2017  (02:16 GMT)

Hey frds,..

If my SQI value is 30 then what should be the Voice quality , is is 12.2 kbps or something else ? Can some one share me the SQI vs Kbps table.


Utkal - 30th January 2016  (12:19 GMT)

SQI and mos is same. Both measures speech quality.Values are diff..
In NEMO go to parameter window then go properties and choose voice quality.

sunny - 18th September 2015  (08:22 GMT)

if the table is right am glad.
show some calcluations for me.

ib_money - 23rd January 2012  (19:12 GMT)

what is the relationship between SQI MOS and SQI?
Someone should please explain

Lov - 3rd January 2012  (11:42 GMT)

GSM standard

Amit - 21st November 2011  (09:56 GMT)


Why there is 8 TS in 1 TRX?

It is because of TDMA frame feature, GSM standard or any other reason...

pls share....

JCB - 10th February 2011  (08:12 GMT)

Thanks Optim,

Sorry for the delay, I was not connected since 2 days.

Korgi, which MOS are you talking about. The one we are talking about is a call quality indicator.

Very Best Regards,


korgi - 8th February 2011  (11:44 GMT)

Hi Optim,

I wonder which MOS values you are talking about and where did you get this table?

As you know there are P862.1, SQUAD LQ, SQUAD NS... I want to know this table calculated for which algorithm.

If you enlighten me I'll be glad.


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