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How to detect crossed feeder

Munashir - 26th February 2019  (03:11 GMT)

How can we check 2g partial swap(Gsm and Dcs swap) by Dt on Tems investigation???

ali - 29th October 2014  (09:11 GMT)

what is swap in GSM ?
types of swaping ?
what is partial and sector swaping ?
please reply quickly.

Mania - 23rd June 2010  (05:42 GMT)

For intersector Cable swap i.e sector swap you can ID by HO attempts to neighbours in another sector would be stronger and if neighbours are defined as planned (not as implemented) the HSR might be a bit low for the two sectors.
Also can confirm from DT Plot( would show coverage in wrong direction). For single cable swap there might be assignement failures on the cell and the TRX UL levels would be severely low as compared to DL levels. ( If you have a stat like UL Drops then it would be high) this would identify that UL path is swapped)- cannot be varified in field.
For the DL path it can be varified in field. disable hopping and check for all TRXs the levels near site it might be a partial swap where only DCS is swapped or only the GSM is swapped.

KJB - 21st June 2010  (09:20 GMT)

Hi Kasdir,

Varun is right.If DT is not possible then u need to visit site physically and Check Physical Feeder & Jumper connections


varun - 21st June 2010  (09:15 GMT)

Hi Kasdir,

If Tx cable is swapped with Rx antenna cable and Rx cable is swapped with Tx antenna cable so you will get poor Rx level in that sector.

If antenna cables of two different sectors are swapped then you will get wrong BCCH or PN on that sector which u shud get.

Ex:- If alpha cable is swapped with beta port or beta cable is swapped with alpha port then you will get alpha PN in beta direction and beta PN in alpha direction.

usally we have 3 sector site(sector-1(alpha),Sector-2(Beta) and Sector-3(Gamma)

Through drive test tool u can find out the cross feeder or sector swap.

KASDIR - 21st June 2010  (08:47 GMT)

How to detect crossed feeder
Best regards

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