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Paging flow control alarm MSC Ericsson

Bijoy - 20th April 2010  (06:42 GMT)

This means you have around 87Erl/site which is quite huge.Since MFRMS is set low,this is a normal phenomenon of paging overload.Consiering all other paging parameters(MSC & BSC)in place,You can go for a LAC splitting.


baba - 19th April 2010  (11:19 GMT)

We sometimes get a "Paging flow control alarm" for a LAI at the MSC. At the same time it is difficult to terminate calls on this LAI. Originating calls have no problems. Looking at the statistics we notice that all BTS of this LAI have a lot of discarded pages due to full paging queue but zero or very few discarded pages due to old paging messages. We use Ericsson GSM(MSC R13). The MFRMS is 2 for all the BTS of the LAI.This LAI have about 40 BTS (S444) for a BHT of 3500E. We have on average 86 first paging attempt per second and a second page retransmission of 30% on the LAI.
Is the LAI split the solution?
Thanks for your responses

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