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2G to 3G HO

push traffic to 3G - 14th October 2018  (09:01 GMT)

push traffic to 3G

Amatigue - 26th November 2012  (10:45 GMT)

I have some problem on my Atcatel Utran: some mobile like blackberry don't make a resection 2G/3G. please help me !

shailendra - 27th June 2011  (03:31 GMT)

why we cannt define 2g to 3G handover.

alcatel man - 14th March 2011  (09:48 GMT)


After swap from Is it possible to experience issues on 3G2G HO success rate as per NPO KPI point of view, while on user experience everything is ok. I think mayb it is because the SGSN never releases the pdp on 3G after HO.
Pls advise

alcatel man - 11th March 2011  (15:54 GMT)

thanks pix

pix - 10th March 2011  (05:42 GMT)


what are the stats for Idle Band measurements, per TRX?

if it is external interference located in the UL GSM band, the only way to properly fix it is to scan the area, fond which frequencies are impacted and what is the source.
Then shut it down.

The cowardly way is to find clean frequencies, knowing that the problem might be on all frequencies or that it can randomly appear anywhere.


External Interference - 9th March 2011  (14:32 GMT)

Hello Pix,
I am haveing uplink interference in a GSM cell on both the fixed frequency TRX and hopping TRX. I suspect external interference. I've installed band pass filters without success. Pls advice, it's really causing problems with customer.

alcatel man - 2nd March 2011  (15:55 GMT)

Thanks a great deal for the support

pix - 1st March 2011  (18:14 GMT)

yes, you are right.

Set the penalty time to 40s, in order to use C2 = C1 + CRO -TO

that would push a lot more traffic in DCS cell, for sure !

good job :)

alcatel man - 28th February 2011  (11:14 GMT)

Hello pix,
i just checked the NPO and discovered that Penalty Time was set to 31(infinity). I think this could be the cause since:
If penalty time is not infinity,
else if PT=infinity,
C2= C1-CRO

Cell is currently under monitoring.

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