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Outgoing calls to CAMEL suscribers.

wallis dudhnath - 28th May 2019  (08:18 GMT)

Hi Community,

Answers to different questions in this thread.

XUDT - SCCP Extended Unitdata Message. Similar to SAR (segmentation / Re-assembly) with TCP/IP.

UMTS (3G) - GSM CAMEL. This can be used for Telephony Prepaid services. The HPLMN and the
VPLMN will need to support, as a minimum, CAP V2 and MAP V3.

CAMEL supports various flags that are known as x-CSI (CAMEL Subscription Identity). Typical, flags are
Originating (O) - CSI, Terminating (T) - CSI, etc..

GSM MSCs suppprts SCCP, therefore, XUDT should be supported.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

Zelda - 31st July 2011  (14:41 GMT)

U can use xUDT to handvover between 3G to 2G and setting redirect Handover over GMSC instead of STP to LongMeassage so all operations in systems run normally.


thuong - 5th July 2011  (02:23 GMT)

What is xUDT?

C300G - 25th December 2009  (08:55 GMT)

1. What's the scenario of call: UMTS -> GSM CAMEL subscriber?
2. Does GSM MSC support XUDT ?
3. Does called CAMEL subscriber have T-CSI subscribtion?
4. Does IDP (on call-termination) fit in one XUDT?

Mik - 24th December 2009  (21:34 GMT)

Sorry, I missed you mentioned Ericcson.

Mik - 24th December 2009  (20:31 GMT)

What is the vendor?

Lexa - 24th December 2009  (14:05 GMT)

Hello everybody,

we have a problem with outgoing calls directed from subscribers registered in UMTS to CAMEL subscribers.

This problem has appeared after changing of support XUDT messages between MSC(UMTS) and MSC(GSM).

Without XUDT there is impossible handover from UMTS to GSM. Vendor Ericsson.

Any suggestions?

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