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Cell Reselection problem

anuj - 16th August 2018  (11:04 GMT)

same problem ,did anyone have the solution

Pix - 26th July 2009  (00:22 GMT)

that's not normal, so you must check with your vendor if there is an history about such a problem.

when the MS is in a neighbour cell, verify that this faulty cell is in the System Information message SI5 / SI5ter. (trace layer 3 in drive test tool)

check the BCCH for that faulty cell is correctly encoded in the SI5/SI5ter.

Force the MS to camp on the faulty cell, thanks to your drive test tool (it probably provides such an option, doesn't it ?)
do you notice anything particular ? BSIC is well decoded ? in the SI messages, do you see correct values for reselection parameters ?

Rex - 25th July 2009  (11:47 GMT)

there is a BTS in downtown and the MS cannot do reselection on its cells while the MS is camping in other cells around. The level is high enough in order to do reselection. HO and Reselection are declared in OMC_R. During drive test measurement I noticed that in C1 and C2 there's no value. In Nokia's Field Test C1 and C2 have value 100. In dedicated mode everything is OK with HO. There's something wrong with calculating C1 and C2. Cell Selection parameters are OK, we deleted and recreated BTS, still the same. What could be wrong? Please help!

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