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Call dropped after exactly 6min

wallis dudhnath - 7th June 2019  (15:51 GMT)

A number of parameters are conveyed with the InitialDP:-


This parameter indicates the whereabouts of the Mobile Customer, and the age of the information defining the whereabouts


This parameter gives the mscId assigned to the GMSC/MSC. Generally, it aligns with the VLR, i.e. MSC/VLR (SSF/gsmSSF).

Align the MSC/VLR configuration.

Rash - 9th February 2009  (13:17 GMT)

CAMEL roaming
I want to know what is the standred in this case in 3GPP;

When receiving an InitialDP message with the Event Type Bcsm “collectedInfo” (TDP-2), the SCP differentiates an InitialDP for an MO call from an InitialDP for an MF call by means of the following criteria:

-The InitialDP for an MO call must include the parameter Called Party BCD Number.

-When recognizing an InitialDP message for an MO call, the SCP uses the LocationInformation/vlr-number or MSC number parameter in the InitialDP for identifying the calling subscriber’s serving network and reply??

in case the vlr number equal to MSC number , we don’t face any problem, but in case the vlr number is not equal MSC number we face a problem that we don’t reply to the MSC.

we must care about vlr number or MSC number. do you have any idea about this or how we can fix this problem.

Maram - 9th February 2009  (09:40 GMT)

Hi Pix,

The pb seems generalized in all cells swapped recently from a G2 BSC to an MX BSC !!!!

Pix - 6th February 2009  (18:37 GMT)

it's alcatel, so i can check our database... if it's there, i'll tell you. But you'll have to wait till after the weekend.

Maram - 6th February 2009  (12:49 GMT)

Hi pix,

Yes, All calls on this cell are released after exactly 6 minutes.

We d'ont use AMR codec.

Vendor is ALCATEL.

I will try an FTP download.

Hope we find a way to discover pb source !

Pix - 5th February 2009  (18:53 GMT)

ok, sorry, i have misread your first post.

6 minutes in one cell ??

I've never came across anything like this. All calls on this cell are released after 6 minutes, exactly, 6 minutes ? All of them ?
What about GPRS transfers ? Can you try to do a FTP download for more than 6 minutes ?

Well, unless you have such weird timer in the BTS, I still believe it's a MSC issue. Maybe I'm missing something, though. Which codec are you using? AMR? If yes..
Could you try using another codec?

Which vendor is it?

Maram - 5th February 2009  (08:42 GMT)

But this problem is not generalized in all cells, only in one cell.
Please Pix, a core network problem can be in only one cell ?

Pix - 4th February 2009  (16:37 GMT)

This is a problem in the core network, not the radio network. So look in your MSC, Call Server, etc. There is certainly a timer there that prevents a user to talk more than 6minutes.

Maram - 4th February 2009  (14:15 GMT)

Hi all,

In one cell of my network, the call is dropped exactly after 6min.
Please can any one explain me the cause ?
Is it a problem of timer ? if yes which timer please ?

Thanks a lot !

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