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Idle Band Interference

Adekunle Aderibigbe - 17th July 2019  (09:25 GMT)

Please,how can I solve the problem of idle band interference on Alcatel BTS

pix - 17th November 2008  (17:49 GMT)

So, anyway, the idle band interference shows the level of the noise on the frequencies of the cell.
idle band 1 means that the noise is between x dBm and x dBm
idle band 2, btw x dBm and x dBm, etc

check the properties of the counters to know what are the values of "x".

If most of the noise is between -47dBm and -70dBm for example, it means there are a lot of interference
If the noise is mostly between -100 and -110dBm, then it means there is no interference (noise is very weeak).

These measurements are done in uplink only, it reflects the uplink noise (heard by the BTS)

Pioneer - 17th November 2008  (15:05 GMT)

As you mentioned, there is no idle band interference indicator per TRXs in the RNO.

I notice that the idle band interference is always accompanied with a high rate of noisy calls; so I thought you may ask about noisy call indicators.

pix - 13th November 2008  (17:39 GMT)

you gave me the amount of "Noisy Calls", it's an RMS indicator. Aren't there the interference bands measurements per TRX ?

Maybe I'm wrong, those indicators are not available per TRX. I can check tomorrow.

The indicators you gave are not obvious indicators, they shall be interpreted in regards with other indicators. I call such indicators "secondary", in the sense that they don't allow you to assess the quality of the cell. They can simply confirm a prior analysis.

At first glance, maybe the sector B is interfered.

Pioneer - 13th November 2008  (16:57 GMT)

Find the value per TRX

Sector A:
Seized TCH Total=447
# of interfered call DL=32
interfered call DL rate=7.6
Seized TCH Total=6149
# of interfered call DL=581
interfered call DL rate=9.45
Seized TCH Total=6
# of interfered call DL=1
interfered call DL rate=16.76
Seized TCH Total=3437
# of interfered call DL=314
interfered call DL rate=9.14

Sector B:
Seized TCH Total=4690
# of interfered call DL=198
interfered call DL rate=4.22
Seized TCH Total=223
# of interfered call DL=42
interfered call DL rate=18.83
Seized TCH Total=2444
# of interfered call DL=397
interfered call DL rate=16.24

Sector C:
Seized TCH Total=610
# of interfered call DL=82
interfered call DL rate=13.44
Seized TCH Total=0
# of interfered call DL=0
interfered call DL rate=0
Seized TCH Total=0
# of interfered call DL=0
interfered call DL rate=0


pix - 12th November 2008  (20:04 GMT)

it's either interference or hardware problems (too much EM noise generated by BTS, combiner, TRX or antenna, perhaps connectors)

check values per TRX

if you write the values here, i can explain and help you more.


Pioneer - 12th November 2008  (17:25 GMT)

What are the causes of Idle Band Interference (in Alcatel)?

and how we can combat?

Apreciate if any one help me with these.

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