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ANBSP analysis in Ericsson MSC

nba - 14th April 2010  (17:14 GMT)

goto, sign in and search "MSC ericsson" you will find alot of description

DANEKABA - 14th April 2010  (17:05 GMT)


Nthabie - 4th August 2009  (16:59 GMT)

Im having a hard time defining a route between two exchanges. How do i do it

Cheshire - 24th November 2008  (10:08 GMT)

BO=0 is assumed in this case of absence of BO in incoming route parameters

SK - 20th November 2008  (08:29 GMT)

Hi Ram,

Check the EXROI Command.
U will understand.

Ram - 18th November 2008  (05:14 GMT)

Hi frank,
i am aware of that. But still there are some incoming routes with no BO. They also handle incoming calls. how this is possible.


frank - 18th November 2008  (01:22 GMT)

The BO is not assumed for these routes. you can change that with EXRBC

Ram - 5th November 2008  (05:04 GMT)

In eric AXE MSC nodes, EXROP data of some incoming routes does not have the BO value. Then how they can accept the incoming levels. Or how the BO is assumed for these routes.


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