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Prepaid Systems Trafiic Engineering

Wallis Dudhnath - 4th March 2019  (16:41 GMT)

Following methods() are used by IN - Intelligent Network - systems / solutions that are based on ETSI Core INAP/CS-1:-


VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

Wallis Dudhnath - 4th March 2019  (16:30 GMT)

Hi Community,

Just looked at the following question:

Could you please tell me if it is possible on the Nortel CS1R to send a Connect on a TCAP-Continue?

Short answer: No.

The Continue() method is used to request the SSF to proceed with call processing at the DP (Detection Point) at which it has previously suspended call processing to await SCF instructions (i.e., proceed to the next point).

The Connect() method is used to request the SSF to perform the call processing actions to route or
forward a call to a specified destination.

Connect() and Continue() are different methods used by INAP / CS-1 / etc..

Wallis Dudhnath - 22nd December 2018  (12:13 GMT)

Hi Community,

Apologise for the late response to this question. In the past I used to
dimension and engineer Intelligent Network (IN) / PrePaid system (and solutions).

To help with dimensioning I would ask the following questions to prospective Communication Service Providers (CSPs):-

-BHCA for Mobile users
-Typical mErlang
-Number of Customers (e.g. 5 Million, 100 Million, etc..)
-Support for Voice Services using: CAMEL Phase 2, Phase 3 or Phase 4
-Requirements for any supported proprietary signalling in the Network
-Data Services using Gy / Gx / Sy / Diameter (Diameter Credit Control Application - DCCA)
-IP / Sigtran connectivity
-Complexity of Tariff Tables for Voice / Data Bundles
-Required Transaction for CAMEL signalling and Diameter during the Busy Hour
-Traffic rejected (e.g. new) once the IN / Prepaid exceeds 90%
-Convergent solution: Convergent Account - Prepaid / Postpaid / Hybrid configuration
-Activation or use of Optional Features (Vendor specific)
-Baremetal or Cloud solution (Linux, Openstack(), Docker(), etc..)
-Event Data Records (EDR) Processing during the Busy Hour
-Transactions for the IN / Prepaid administration solution
-IVR Transaction
-% of Traffic for Voice(MO, MT, CF, etc..), Data, SMS/USSD/etc.. Notification Services, Roaming, SMS/MMS, VoLTE/ViLTE, Voucher Updates (updates, status checks, etc..)

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

Anindya Saha - 23rd December 2002  (10:45 GMT)

Could you please tell me if it is possible on the Nortel CS1R to send a Connect on a TCAP-Continue? I think currently it is not supported. Do I have to send it in a TCAP-End? If I cannot send it in a TCAP-Continue, how do prepaid systems monitor the duration of the call?

Ray - 4th May 2002  (16:51 GMT)

I thought the pre-paid traffic should be dependent on the operator's request. Eg, the operator expects 20% on prepaid, then you take the total subs cap multiply by this to calculate pre-paid sub and dimension your SCP to handle the busy hour query.

Pawan - 16th April 2002  (09:30 GMT)

Yes the envoirnment will be GSM As you are aware CAMEL and INAP are protocols for GSM networks.

Radhakant Das - 15th April 2002  (11:04 GMT)

Hi! Pawan

will it be on GSM based /cellular environment.

Pawn Goswami - 15th April 2002  (09:20 GMT)

Hi Mr Das

The prepaid system is SCP based and will be CS1R or CAMELII based. What I am looking for is standard traffic inputs for 2 G and 2.5 G which I can use for the configuration tool

Radhakant Das - 14th April 2002  (17:24 GMT)

Can you pl. mention what sort of prepaid solution you are going to configure, and on which protocol?

Pawan Goswami - 9th April 2002  (11:05 GMT)

Hi Guys

I am putting together a configuratoe for prepaid system for 2 and 2.5 networks. Any suggestions for traffic engineering for a prepaid system will be highly appreciated

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