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Camel Parameter

Wallis Dudhnath - 13th November 2018  (09:54 GMT)

CAMEL - Customised Application Mobile Enhanced Logic - is a Network Application enabler that allows an end user to use their home Services (HPLMN) in a visited Network (VPLMN).

CAP V2 / V3 / V4 and MAP V3 / V4 / etc.. is used as the protocol from the Network to the supported 3GPP OCS (Online Charging System).

Good example is Number Translation Services. A very common Use-Case for CAMEL is to support PrePaid Services. The HPLMN will have the Prepaid solution that is based on 3GPP OCS (Online Charging System).

At the time of writing (2018) Fraud Management Systems (FMS) uses Machine Learning to analyse and predict potential frauds. To help, with the fraud detection information from 3GPP OCS compliant systems, Network nodes, CRM, IT Databases, OSS, etc.. are used with the FMS solution. Once a fraud is detected and verified a trigger can be activated to the OSS/BSS/IT stack. This process can be automated.

Accuracy is improved using iterative Machine Learning Network/OSS/BSS training data.


BSS - Business Support System

CAP - CAMEL Application Part

HPLMN - Home Public Land Mobile Network

MAP - Mobile Application Part

OSS - Operational Support System

VPLMN - Visitor Public Land Mobile Network

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

felix - 1st April 2008  (09:13 GMT)

Thks pavel..

So CAMEL Parameter is important in the Prepaid Billing perspective. But how is it used in fraud-prevention systems


Pavel - 30th March 2008  (11:50 GMT)

CAMEL is used for real-time engines in roaming. Usually is prepaid-billings, but CAMEL also can be used in fraud-prevention systems, for example.

felix - 26th March 2008  (09:50 GMT)

What is the significance in the Camel parameter in roaming . Is it related to Charging or related to routing


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