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Call Setup Time

LEMAURE - 10th October 2018  (13:27 GMT)

...but checking which procedure is the taking time more than expected and deep dive...

Basha Shaik - 20th August 2018  (12:28 GMT)


What is the recommended call set up time in GSM. I observed that it was 6 Sec in my N/W.

How can i reduce it?

YRK - 16th May 2012  (11:36 GMT)

RACH collision on radio interfaces MEANS WHAT

pix - 24th October 2007  (15:12 GMT)


1. phone number is sent during the SDCCH phase, in the DTAP message "SETUP" (field "called party number"), after "AUTHENTICATION" and "CIPHERING".
The format of the phone number is decimal. Of course it is ciphered, but in the K12 trace, you can read it directly (example : "+33064544454" for an international number)

2. there is a dial tone in the mobile. if there is no dial tone, it might be because the message "ALERT" (from MSC to MS) doesn't contain a valid "ring tone information" (to be verified, i can't be sure about this)
The message ALERT is sent at the end of the call setup, after the "ASSIGNMENT COMPLETE" message (= TCH successfully allocated)


Javed Shaikh - 24th October 2007  (04:15 GMT)

1.In which format does mobile phone sends dialled numbers to BTS.

2.why there is no dial tone in mobile phones?

nachi - 22nd October 2007  (10:56 GMT)

Thanks PIX

Pix - 19th October 2007  (14:07 GMT)

It means the MS cannot access the TCH that was allocated by the BTS. Possible problem :

- HW problem :
---TRX BCCH in one sector, TRX TCH on another sector
--- poor TX or poor RX of TRX TCH (Path balance)

- SW problem :
--- some timeslots cannot be allocated in the TRX (?)

- Radio problems :
--- Poor coverage
--- High interference on the TCH frequency, whereas the SDCCH frequency is clean
--- Too much GPRS traffic --> TS are allocated as PDCH, therefore no more TS for voice. Maybe the PDCH are kept alive for a duration too long after the transfer has been finished.



nachi - 19th October 2007  (07:07 GMT)

Iam have assighnment failures after the alerting phase.I have available TCH to call to ride on.What could be the problem?

Roy - 3rd October 2007  (06:26 GMT)

Try to reduce the MFRMS. I did it once and managed to reduce the setup time by almost 1.5 seconds.
old value was 5 vs. 4 as a new value.

Disadvantages, MS more frequently listen to his paging group and may lead to a faster battery consumption if set to very low values.

Good Luck

Mahesh - 1st October 2007  (03:23 GMT)

Hi Gito Prastomo,

Thanks for your important comment. I will try to implement your suggestions.

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