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HLR Subscriber Data

Shukor - 12th June 2007  (05:48 GMT)

Hi Respectful Expert Gentlemans,

I have forgotten the Command which is for Call Barr for All incoming from Ericsson HLR, is there any person to help me which command can be use to barr all incoming call for one MSISDN?

hope one of you people can help me.


VK - 9th May 2007  (14:45 GMT)


Thanks! That was the last option I had on mind. Now, I will be forced to take it. I just thought it would be made by ourself.

Dude - 9th May 2007  (06:10 GMT)


Its unfortunate I haven't worked with Ericsson equipment before so I'm not of much use in this respect. However, I think the Ericsson support guys must be able to shed some light. If they don't have any tool at least they should be able to help you extract the table that stores subscribers' dynamic data. I'm sure if you get that table the rest you can sort out. Try and talk to your support guys. Alternatively, they can provide you with a spec to interface with their HLR - with a command list their HLR understands - well, at least that's what the Huawei guys did for us - after requesting of course! :) Good Luck!

VK - 8th May 2007  (16:53 GMT)


Yes, I very much accept the fact that it is vendor dependent.

As I said, We are having a Ericsson HLR. Any help?

Dude - 8th May 2007  (15:58 GMT)


I think the main problem is that the HLR is vendor specific. I have worked on a Siemens D900 and up to today I cannot tell you what OS the HLR was sitting on, and what sort of database Siemens were using. Currently, however, I am using Huawei equipment and the HDU is sitting on a Sun Solaris 10 Server, running an oracle database. The Huawei guys have quite a number of tools that one can put to good use. Because of that, it is difficult for developers to develop a "universal" tool to interface with the HLR.

VK - 8th May 2007  (15:02 GMT)


Thanks. Though good at programing, am unable to interface it with HLR. Any idea or sample program would do a world of good to me & hundred others.

Dude - 8th May 2007  (14:38 GMT)

I think it depends on how flexible your system is VK. Remember the HLR is just a database. If your system is flexible enough to allow you to extract the HLR database (which is the case with our system), then all you need to do is to write a simple program to sort out your output text file selecting the MSISDN/IMSI and the VLR number...

VK - 7th May 2007  (15:24 GMT)

Thanks! Can you pl tell me what tool it is?

Pavlo - 5th May 2007  (07:38 GMT)


As I know - there is no special command at HLR for this. The only way is to find any tool, which can prepare HLR deep statistic.

In our network we have special tool, which can take HLR backup file. Then tool is parsing backup file and we have all statistic which we need, including VLR ststitic. I believe, you can find such commercial software, if your company interested in deep subscribers statistic.

VK - 4th May 2007  (16:32 GMT)


Thanks. But, I am asking for subscriber's MSISDN attached to one particular VLR.

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