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Sim Box detection

Wallis Dudhnath - 13th November 2018  (10:15 GMT)

Check if a miscreant has installed an IMSI catcher in the Network.

Basically it is a false base station that is used by miscreants to initiate a fraud. It is a "man in the middle" vector attack that is used to harvest a lot of sensitive end user information.

A Machine Learning (ML) solution can be used to analyse the generated the data and to detect, or predict, potential fraud(s).

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

Sayed - 10th June 2006  (09:27 GMT)

Dear Tom:
Itís loose of revenue for our network; we are receiving 10 Cent per minute from local call and 25 Cent from international calls so you can see the difference

Tom - 9th June 2006  (19:56 GMT)

Out of interest, why would you want to stop this type of traffic. After all, it's revenue? Is it because VoIP is illegal in your countries? Or, are you concerned about congestion at individual cells?

Vanderley - 9th June 2006  (09:17 GMT)

Hi Sayed,

We have dedicated fraud department. They are analyzing the billing data. I think they are looking for subscribers with a lot of calls and dispersed throug the whole day (24h).
The next thing is to check if the periodic location updates are in one and the same cell (no moving around the network)
I don't know if this will help you


Sayed - 8th June 2006  (07:00 GMT)

Dear All:

We are receiving a lot of international traffic in our network through SIM Box, but I am looking for the way to detect them rapidly and after delete that SIM numbers,
SIM boxes are using the IP Network till our country and after there is box with 50 SIM card that change the media and route it to our network as national traffic
Any body got any idea share it please?

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