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Silence Problem

Imrankhan - 3rd August 2018  (13:38 GMT)

Please send notes related to LTE network

lastdon - 3rd August 2018  (11:31 GMT)

check interference factor,is it effecting both 900 and 1800 band or just 900

B.ASHOK - 11th June 2018  (07:54 GMT)

I got a problem in my GSM network, we use both 900MHZ and 1800MHZ. The problem is the call is silent for a first time call. afetr two to three attempts then voice is ok. some times call is ok for more than 10 minutes also but for some calls it is silent for the B-number i.e one way speech. and call drops frequently. for some time it becomes ok then silence then ok, sometimes silence will not stop, and then you have to cut the call and call it again.

Soly - 2nd September 2011  (07:51 GMT)

If you have E1's swapped, you will face silent calls, due to wrong TS assignment

Youssouf - 26th August 2011  (15:47 GMT)

I noted on several occasions the white calls is first blow total silence or after a certain time only silence. All those which lived these kinds of silences could help us to solve .I await your reaction.
Equipment Huawei, satellite site.

shelton - 5th January 2011  (07:11 GMT)

K.K Nath
do u mean i have to audit th BSC

K.K.Nath - 3rd January 2011  (16:26 GMT)

Hi Abdel

There are so many co BSIC-BCCH in neighbors list.Pls check the problem after removing the co BSIC-BCCH

shelton - 3rd January 2011  (13:38 GMT)

Hmacro2 Bts signals "wrong fibre connection" on CTUs & requires for the site to b deleted & created again for the CTUs to work & they drop again to & signal "wrong fibre connection".

What cpould b th problem

Bob - 2nd January 2011  (05:50 GMT)

There is a very poor possibility, Do you use VAD service? how much AF has been considered in ur net(Activity Factor in your network)- If handover and interference is ok mean Radio ok , if you have problem in all bss the problem can be related to Core too.

Ayat - 1st January 2011  (19:13 GMT)


Ericsson has a KPI named as

Silence/One-Way Transmission,

01%,Speech Quality

so could you explain to me??

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