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which is best switch for GSM?

wallis dudhnath - 10th June 2019  (08:02 GMT)

At the time (2019) of writing this response there has been a lot of vendor consolidation.

In the past the following were vendors that could deliver Time-Space-Time Stored Program
Control (TST SPC) switches: GPT (GEC Plessey Telecoms), Ericsson, Nokia, Alcatel, Lucent, STC, Nortel, Motorola, Phillips, ITT, Siemens, Marconi, etc..

If we fast forward to 2019 we now have: Ericsson, Nokia (Alcatel/Lucent), Huawei, ZTE, Cisco, Jumiper and a number of IT / OSS / BSS (Operation and Business Support System) vendors that can deploy "Virtual Network Function(s)" towards a Cloud Data Center (GCP, AWS, etc..) environment.

Makes sense to have a mimimum of two vendors seleted for your "core" (2G / 3G / 4G / 5G / etc..) layer.

Consolidation is now a part of the Telecommunication landscape.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

bubu - 23rd March 2006  (17:37 GMT)

For Ericsson...if you do not have are lost...for me this is the worst ever system.

bubu - 23rd March 2006  (17:35 GMT)

I think that every body knows the best system...Siemens D900...why you are not telling the true?

Vikram - 28th February 2006  (03:49 GMT)

So should I consider that Ericsson switch is the best switch.

Vikram - 21st February 2006  (09:16 GMT)

Hi RS,
This is in reference to queries raised by you.If you say that you have worked with Ericsson system and it is the worst system, I think your criteria of rating a system is totally wrong.If you have considered following points before rating a system, your reply would have been something else:
1. Modularity in terms of Hardware and software.
2. Processor Capacity.
3. Ease in expansion/upgrade of system.
4. Very less power consumption.
5. Very rare hardware faults.
6. Ease in Hardware fault rectification.
7. All modules (MSC/BSC/SCP/STP/HLR/RBSC)user same hardware.This reduces spare cost to large extant.
8. Excellent and timely support round the clock.
9. All protocols supported.Also very reliable for multivendour environment.
10. Very less space required.
11. Timely upgradition of software and hardware.
12. Prompt revert to all customer queries and fulfillment of their needs.
13. Easy man machine interface and very easy to run commands.
14. Fastest available processors are used.If is so modular that we can use processor of other vendours without much difficulty.

and many many more which I cannot write due to shortage of time......

Now about your queries:
1.Ericsson systems take large and small frequently ( not drink -- reload).
Answer: There is setting in Ericsson system with which you can control software errors and restarts.With this you can even release an error in one or many blocks by using forloop method which is not available in any other system.May be that the setting was not correctly done in your system which resulted in restarts.This type of setting is not available in other systems.

Que: APG nodes are introduced only to trouble the O&M people.
Ans: There were few problem when this node was introduced but the same has been rectified very soon.This node has been introduced to provide more flexibility to O&M people and to bring mml communication on latest standards as this node is Win NT machine.Also very soon interconnectivity between various nodes with in Ericsson system will be based on TCP/IP instead of Ericsson Properity protocol.The introduction of APG40 was a step towards introduction of the same.If you are still facing problem with APG40, may be that your lan is unstable.

Incase you have any further query, please revert on

langer - 20th February 2006  (06:54 GMT)

hi all,

In all comparisons, Nokia is the best(all NE's compared, msc,bsc,bts,smsc etc.,). The only product of Nokia that is problematic is It's IN. Rest are best in this world.

moon chawla - 20th January 2006  (10:14 GMT)

ericsson and seimens switch is the best as per norms

Naren - 19th January 2006  (16:09 GMT)


Check the Products from Alvarion.Smaller,larger solution,compact,less expensive.........Moree

hari - 10th January 2006  (07:59 GMT)

does other operators hav somethin like plex in their switches?

Madhu - 6th January 2006  (08:45 GMT)

Many things come to picture when u say a switch
I have experience knowlwdge in these switches I cannot comment on others

1)Price wise and maintainence wise:- Huawei
2)Expansion,capacity wise:- ZTE
3)Stability wise:- Siemens
4)Operatinal and NMS wise:-Nokia


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