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Lines to T1/E1 conversion

Hi, Taha! - 19th January 2005  (05:12 GMT)

1. Similar to the North American T-1, E1 is the European format for digital transmission.

E1 carries signals at 2 Mbps (32 channels at 64Kbps, with 2 channels reserved for signaling and controlling), versus the T1, which carries signals at 1.544 Mbps (24 channels at 64Kbps). E1 and T1 lines may be interconnected for international use.
It has 32TS (TimeSlot), assigned:
+TS0: for only synchronous purpose. 8 bits is "X0011011". It indicates the starting point of frame. X- CRC code option.
+TS0-TS15: data channel: voice, fax, v.v... You can used Nx64kpbs.
+TS16: for R2MFC signalling and multi-frame synchonazation. In CCS7 system, TS16 also carriers the data.
+ CCS7 can be carriered in any TS, from TS1-TS31.
2.So, 6 lines = 6 TS.

Taha Rangwala - 18th January 2005  (18:52 GMT)

I had a question and was hoping somebody could help me out. When I use the online Erlang B calculator with parameters 2.05 Erlangs and 0.02 blocking rate I get an output of 6 lines. What does this mean?

How many lines can I accomodate on a T1 or E1 on average? Does 6 lines mean that I need 6 T1s or E1s per cell site if I have 2.05 Busy Hour Erlangs per cell site across a wireless network?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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