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Installing CC-Excel

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CC-Excel is distributed as a single file "iccexcel.exe" that you download from our web site after purchase. The software is installed by running that application file. Before you run the file, please make sure that:


1. Excel is not running
2. You are logged on to Windows using an account with administrative rights.


The software can be used by any Windows user on the computer on which it was installed. But, every other user needs to prepare their own Excel settings by selecting "CC-Excel | Re-install CC-Excel" from the Start Menu. If you used a different account to install the software (for example, an account with admin rights), then you will need to use the Re-install option before using the add-in on your own Windows account.


The re-install option shows which versions of Excel the software was installed on.


There is a self-test routine in the Example workbook that is available from the Start Menu at:


Programs | CC-Excel | Example workbook


The first worksheet in this workbook shows whether the add-in was correctly installed. If this self-test routine indicates that the add-in was not loaded, then this can usually be corrected using the Re-install option.


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