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CC-Excel functions

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CC-Excel introduces the following nine call centre related functions to Microsoft Excel. A function reference is available for each function detailing that functions use, arguments and limits.


Function name



Estimates the number of agents required to handle incoming calls within specified service level parameters.


Estimates the number of calls that an inbound call centre can handle within specified service level targets.


Estimates the average length call that a call centre if the number of agents and number of incoming calls are known.


Estimates the average speed in which calls will be answered.


Estimates the average number of calls that will be queued and waiting for presentation to an agent.


Estimates the percentage of their time that agents will be busy handling inbound calls.


Estimates the percentage of calls that will arrive while all agents are occupied and will therefore enter a queue.


Estimates the percentage of calls that will be answered within a specified service time.


Estimates the number of telephone lines that are required to handle the inbound calls into a centre.


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