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What is a project?

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A project is a collection of days which share common features.  These features are:


A name for the project
A start time for the project (i.e. the start time for the first time period of each day).
The average call duration for incoming calls
The Agent Availability factor
The average wrap-up time for incoming calls
The call answering service level targets
The trunk blocking targets


The left hand pane of the Ansapoint window shows the structure of the Ansapoint database.  The top level icon represents the entire database.  At one level below, the defined projects are displayed.  Below that, all the days defined within a project are shown as icons.


The Ansapoint main window

The Ansapoint main window


The data relating to each day is brought into view by clicking on an icon representing a day.  The days are displayed in the order in which they were created. 


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