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Entering agent numbers

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An alternative calculation supported by Ansapoint is to estimate the number of calls that can be handled by an agent group within a time interval.  To use Ansapoint is this fashion, select a cell within the Agents column of the Daily Calls Table and enter the number of agents available to handle incoming calls during that time interval.  Press the Return key to complete the entry.  If Auto analysis is enabled, the results will be displayed in the table as soon as the Return key is pressed.


Daily Calls Table

Daily Calls Table


In this mode, once the entry has been completed, the Agents cell will change to yellow, indicating that this value was entered.  The Calls cell will change to blue indicating the this is a calculated value.


After pressing the Return key, a new time interval will be created and you can enter the agent figure for that time interval.  When you have finished entering agent numbers, press the Escape key.


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