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Performing calculations

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Before commencing an analysis of your inbound call centre, you need to prepare a project for use. To create a new project, select File | New from the main menu.  A sub-menu will appear which can be used to choose the interval required. Call volumes for 15 minute, 30 minute or 60 minute intervals can be entered, and the interval should be chosen using this sub-menu.  This will add a new project to the Ansapoint database, which you can rename if necessary.


You can change the project's properties by selecting File | Properties from the main menu.  This opens the Project Properties Dialogue Box which allows you to define the average length of incoming calls, the average wrap-up time for calls, the call answering service level targets, the trunk blocking service level targets and the Agent Availability factor.


When a new project is created, a day called "Day 1" is automatically added to that project.  The right hand pane of the Ansapoint window shows the Daily Calls Table for that day, and it is this table which is used to enter incoming call volumes or agent numbers.


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