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File permissions

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Windows Vista


This version of Ansapoint has been written specifically for Windows Vista.  Any level of user can install the software, but a user with non-administrative rights will be prompted to enter the user name and password of an administrative user before the installation is allowed to continue.


Once installed, the Ansapoint will be available on the Start Menu to all users who log onto to the computer.  A user does not require administrative rights to use the software.  Each user will work on their own private copy of the Ansapoint database.


Earlier versions of Windows


Ansapoint can be used on previous versions of Windows, such as Windows XP and Windows 95.  The software must be installed by a user with administrative rights, but will be available on the Start Menu to all users.


If you experience problems making changes to Ansapointís data on Windows versions earlier than Windows Vista, then the file permissions may need to be changed by a system administrator.  Write and Modify permissions are required to the Ansapoint data folder.  This is usually:


C:\Program files\westbay\ansapoint\data