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Displaying charts

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Ansapoint offers two charts to help you visualise the results for each day.  The charts are generated and brought into view by clicking on the relevant tab on the right hand side of the Ansapoint Window.   The reports are only available if call volumes or agent numbers have been entered for the current day.


Agents chart


The agent requirements for a day can be viewed as a chart by clicking the Agents Chart tab control in the right hand pane of Ansapoint.  For each time period, the chart shows the number of agents required.  A legend to the right of the main graph shows the time period which each bar or point represents.


Agents chart

Agents chart


Occupancy chart


The occupancy chart shows the average agent occupancy for the agent group throughout the day.  This information can be useful for scheduling spare agent resource.  It is available using the Occupancy Chart tab on the right side of the main window.


Each chart can be printed using the File | Print command on the main menu. The dialogue box which then appears allows you to select a printer and choose the number of copies of the chart which you require.


The buttons above the charts offer the following features:


Copy to clipboard


The first button copies the current chart to the Windows clipboard. You can then switch to another application, such as a word processor, and select the paste command to copy the chart into a document. This can provide a more flexible approach to outputting a chart than printing.


Chart format


The second button allows you to switch between various display formats, including 2D/3D, bar graphs and line graphs.


Change chart colour


The third button opens the Colour Dialogue Box which can be used to change the colour of the bars or lines in the current chart.


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