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Avaya IP phone with Cisco Call Manager

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Ahmad - 26th May 2004  (00:32 GMT)

Dear Sirs
Excuse me all , i want to interrupt you with my question , could you please advice me by any H323 IP phone avaliable in the market with good rate table .
Thanks a lot
Ahmad - 20th February 2004  (08:08 GMT)


It sounds like a codec mismatch netmeeting only supports g723 6.3kbs what codec is being used on the cisco?

Anand - 19th February 2004  (21:05 GMT)


I am trying to call a PSTN phone from a NetMeeting.
If I make that call through a cisco GW, it works fine.
But if I try to make a call from NetMeeting -> Cisco Call Manager -> Cisco GW -> PSTN Phone, it fails.

Cisco Call Manager replies with a RELEASE to a SETUP message from the NetMeeting.

Do I need to register the NetMeeting to the Cisco Call Manager?


Eliza - 24th February 2003  (02:44 GMT)


I am trying to make Netmeeting call Cisco IP phones via Cisco Callmanager.After configuring,it still not works.I am trying to find what's wrong on my callmanager configuration.This is my reference document on Cisco.It may be what you are looking for.

dunce - 24th January 2003  (16:34 GMT)

Morgan, can you please give us the link to that PDF? I don't think it is possible to treat the Avaya phone as a H323 end point (such as Netmeeting) to register with Cisco Call Manager...however I would love to be wrong and get this working:-)

vivek - 21st January 2003  (09:03 GMT)

Hi guys,
I have two ip endpoints (hardphones or softphones). I want to measure the point to point bandwidth utilization between these end points. Is there any software tool available for free on the web that can be used to do this.

Morgan de Ruiter - 21st January 2003  (08:09 GMT)

Well, it depence on what you want.
Cisco use their Skinny protocol on there IP Phones, but........... it is still a H323 device. The same go's for the AVAYA phones.
All vendor use their on top protocols to activate there extra features on the phones.
The trick is to use the phones just as a H323 device. This means that you lose the extra phone features but you will be able to use the phone as it is a netmeeting device.
For the call manager go in to the device section and choose the h323 device option as endpoint and you can connect any device.
There is a pdf avalable on the Cisco site how o do this.

vivek - 21st January 2003  (07:30 GMT)

an ip trunk working is pretty okay. No big deal.I had already tested this. But the real problem is making a non avaya h.323 endpoint register onto the avaya ip switch and similarly making avaya ip phones register on to cisco call manager. Any one else who can throw light on this wud be a gr8 help.

dunce - 20th January 2003  (05:11 GMT)

Hello guys, thanks for your replies. I am glad to see the discussion! Morgan, if you could post the configuration steps or send them in an email (, that will help a lot!
FYI, I have not been able to get the Avaya IP phones to directly "register" with Cisco Call Manager OR get the Avaya IP phone to work as H.323 client. Here's what works for me:
1) You can configure a H.323 IP Trunk between an existing CM cluster and Avaya S8300 (or S8700 for that matter) and get calls working in both directions.
2) Ditto for supplementary services.

vivek - 17th January 2003  (05:11 GMT)

we tried to make the microsoft netmeeting work behind Avaya ip switch. But it did not work. I have tried many non avaya ip endpoints but none of them get registered on Avaya. I think u are the right person to throw some light on the topic.

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