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raffi - 2nd June 2017  (11:42 GMT)

I want this document

Wallis Dudhnath - 25th March 2017  (09:15 GMT)

Thanks Eleni,

CAP V2 has been around for a long time. The Call Flow Use Case(s) is well established for Telephony between the
gsmSSF and the gsmSCF / SDF entities.

For your "converged" Charging Prepaid platform for Voice / Data I am assuming that CAP V3 (GPRS Data) and CAP V2 is integrated onto the same platform (gsmSCF / SCP / SDF). Next step is now to look at the Tariff Plan configuration and the "buckets" that have been configured for Voice, Voice-Roaming, Data, SMS, etc..

Mediated CDRs will also help to understand what has happened with the Voice session.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

ELENI - 22nd March 2017  (09:54 GMT)

Thanks for your answer

we and vplmn network support cap version2 and also

i change the camel data to msisdn number and prepaid platform is configured to
receive calls for recharge (for vplmn network)

i took the same result

before and after call credit is the same

Wallis Dudhnath - 22nd March 2017  (05:26 GMT)

Hi Eleni,

Any updates?

Did you check if you have Call-Control (CC) with your version of CAP V3. Assume that the configuration you have is that you will use CC your deployed MSC/VLR/gsmSSF. For GPRS, the gprsSSF will be used for pure data sessions.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

Wallis Dudhnath - 16th March 2017  (15:31 GMT)

For cAP V3 there is a relationship between the gprsSSF (SGSN)and the gsmSCF (SCP). This is different from the Call Control that is used to control Voice / Telephony. Check that your CAMEL node is equipped, i.e.
configured, for CAP V3 Call Control. Maybe you just have a data License implemented that
allows you to use CAP V3 for pure GPRS sessions.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

eleni - 16th March 2017  (14:15 GMT)

prepaid subscriber has been performed LU
in vplmn network (roaming)
it could not charge for voice calls (before and after the same balance), but could charge for GPRS.
could you please help me?

Wallis Dudhnath - 27th January 2017  (12:17 GMT)

Location update to the VLR (VPLMN MSC/VLR) is done via MAP, e.g. MAP V3.
CAMEL is a Network Protocol that uses CAP (e.g. CAP V2/V3) and MAP (e.g. MAP V2 / V3).

Protocols have been designed to allow a degree of "auto-bauding". MOC calls can be made.

eleni - 25th January 2017  (13:47 GMT)

VPLMN roaming network support CAMEL PHASE 3 and
our subscriber which perform LOCATION UPDATE in VPLMN support PHASE 2


Wallis Dudhnath - 13th January 2017  (11:46 GMT)

Hi Eleni,

You will need to confirm that the Roamers have CAMEL flags set in the HPLMN. You will need to check this with the HPLMN CSP. Next step is to use a protocol analyser with a trace to look at the CAP V2 and MAP messages that are exchanged between the VPLMN (your Network) and the HPLMN. There maybe a node in the signalling chain that is "filtering" the IDP. Check what SS7 Policing Masks you have on your egress routes.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

eleni - 12th January 2017  (07:48 GMT)

Thanks for your reply .
The problem is that we have roamers -prepaid to our network.

they support that we don't send IDP message from our VLR/MSC...

But we have only problem with two RPs

could ypu please send me your help ..

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