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Uplink/Downlink Frequencies in GSM/CDMA

S.Vijay - 8th June 2004  (13:58 GMT)

Hello Partha,

Partha - 8th June 2004  (02:54 GMT)

we have both GSM 900 & GSM 1800 in india.But it depends on the Operator's Licence.for eg. in Chennai has AirTel(GSM900), Hutch(GSM1800), For Tamilnadu circle AirTel(GSM1800).

Abhisheik - 6th June 2004  (03:26 GMT)

Can someone tell me wether gsm 900 or gsm 180 is used in india?....and why is it that digital modulation is not enough for radio transmission in gsm?....also ..can we send a dgital signal lieka sqarewave pulse via radio transmission without loss?....some please tell me ....really need to know ...

Pankaj - 7th May 2004  (09:41 GMT)


US works on the PCS (1900 MHz) band and unless the phone supports both PCS as well as Cellular (900 MHz) band (Used in India), the phone will not work. Also you need to check out with the CDMA operator in India if they are willing to provision the phone for you or not.

mohan - 7th May 2004  (04:34 GMT)

Can anyone tell me whether the US make Samsung A500 CDMA model phone works in INDIA or not?

Thanks in Advance....


PRAKASH RAJ BHATT - 26th April 2004  (03:36 GMT)


ok bye sir.

waleed - 2nd April 2004  (12:48 GMT)

for any gsm network you must study the loaded traffic which will be applied on this cell(how many subscribers will talk at the pic power and this measres known by erlangs,and this mission for cell planing group so check for cell planing manuals to calculate how many subscriber will use this sites to consider the size and kind of site needed as macro,micro and pico sites to make hierarashical coverage foe whole area to get best performance

TOMMY - 29th March 2004  (09:23 GMT)

hey guys, Do you guys know how to design a base station grid for GSM 900 system.

consider an urban area(small to medium city) having a rectangular shape of length 30km and width 25km. if the available base stations have their radiating powers 3w each, the antenna masts are 30m high, the antennas are omnidirectional, and have their gains of 2dB. assuming that mobile antennas are elevated to 1.5m, and have a gain of 0dB. Assume also that minimum signal strenght is -90dB.

WALEED - 28th March 2004  (09:31 GMT)

hi all
the GSM 900 frequency is:
uplink is 890-915 MHZ
DOWN LINK IS 935-960
GSM (DCS)1800 frequency is:
up link 1710-1785MHZ.
down link is 1805-1880 MHZ.
gsm(PCS) 1900 frequency:
up link 1815-1910 MHZ
down link 1930-1990 MHZ

Srinivas Huddar - 26th March 2004  (12:22 GMT)

how to calculate channel nos in CDMA

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