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Avnish Kumar - 11th July 2007  (10:22 GMT)

Can anyone help me in finding relation between BHCC & BHCA? I found 1 doc saying 3xBHCC=BHCA

james - 9th July 2007  (18:57 GMT)

would some 1 please give me an explanation of ASR(answer to seizure ratio) as a quality parameter.

rahul - 19th June 2007  (12:32 GMT)

what is diff between e1 and t1

san - 13th June 2007  (06:35 GMT)

Using a single node at 100% CPU capabilities and 100 % utilization for the SS7 links ,please provide performance numbers in terms of voice messages per seconds and BHCA "Busy Hour Call Attempt" that the system can handle for the following scenarios

Average voice message duration
20 sec
30 sec
40 sec
50 sec
60 sec

Please state the characteristics of the CPUs used for these benchmark tests.

mostafa - 16th March 2007  (11:29 GMT)

i have a statistical result for BHCA toatl per subs and BHCA Mobile pe subs in several hour of one day,and i need to know how to calculate the BHCA per subs,for me i think the average is the correct value,but other's think that the we must take the biggest BHCA
thanks for ur time and ur help

Krishnan - 29th January 2007  (09:55 GMT)

hi prajakta

well if i relating to your question correctly


BHCC = 4.8
ASR = 0.8
BHCA = ?

Now the relation is

4.8/0.8 = BHCA
BHCA = 6

alwasy BHCA > BHCC as it involves unsuccesful attempts of calls

i hope i haveinterpreted ur question rite .


Engineer - 24th January 2007  (18:35 GMT)

How we can increase ASR ?

Prajakta - 24th January 2007  (07:10 GMT)

10,000 subscribers are connected to an exchange.If the exchange is designed to achieve a call completion rate of 0.8 when the busy hour calling rate is 4.8, what is the BHCA that can be supported by the exchange?

mirza - 10th November 2006  (05:40 GMT)

hi vineet kumar,
its definations is " if a circuit is bussy for 1 hour its mean 1 erlang traffic has been passed."
if we have a average 3 mint call how much erlang has been passed is
3/60=.05 Erlang has been passed.

Vineet Kumar Dohare - 6th November 2006  (10:26 GMT)

Reply to Giora answer:

If i am not wrong:
BHCA for 16K erlang(CAT-A)=800K
BHCA for 8K Erlang switch (CAT-B)=500K

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