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bipin nagesh - 7th October 2015  (13:55 GMT)

in one end we provide a OTDR power in wave length 1350 nm and 1510 nm in other end we measure 1310 1510
15.26 dbm 14.30 dbm
14.95 dbm 13.62 dbm
14.46 dbm 13.46 dbm
15.21 dbm 14.72 dbm

our requirement is all dbm vae in db

Bhavi - 25th December 2014  (10:53 GMT)

The information provided for relation between dBm and dB is helpful.Can you please provide the more information for it in case of amplifier electronics??

ali - 19th August 2014  (01:30 GMT)

Perform the following conversions plz:
i). -15dB to dBm
ii). -25dBm to mW.
iii). 1W to dB
iv). 1W to dBm.

pix - 17th June 2014  (10:59 GMT)

hi, you cannot convert db to dbm, those are not the same kind of unit at all (like converting WATT to KILOGRAM)

charlie - 15th June 2014  (09:29 GMT)

30dbm to db

soe min aung - 26th February 2014  (04:24 GMT)

How to calculate Microwave linkbuget for a hop?

Optimustron - 2nd October 2013  (15:31 GMT)

When you are using a Selective Level Meter your are making measurements in a physical circuit, right?, then all the time you are measuring dBm, as the previous answers dB is a relative measure used frequently because you canít have power directly from that measurements and is more easy to get dB, but in circuits you have power in all parts, then for example to obtain dBs you only need to set a reference.
For example you measure the input to an specific circuit then you measure the output in both cases you get dBm but you need to say about the gain or loss of your circuit then you make the simple math:
dB= dBm at output Ė dBm at input
From that specific equation if you have a positive dB then you surely have an amplifier and if you have negative dB you have a loss like a network of resistors, if you do the subtraction in opposite way then the signs and interpretations change. I hope this can help you, best regards,

paraHO - 1st October 2013  (20:49 GMT)

As Pix has already stated, but put more simply:

dBm = an "absolute" measurement of power

dB = is a "relative" measurement often used to illustrate a value between e.g. two absolute measurements e.g.

.......> = 3dB relative/difference

pix - 12th September 2013  (19:30 GMT)


dB is not a "measurement" unit, it is a "comparison" unit. Your "dBm" measurement can be converted into mW, W or whatever power unit you want.

1dB does not mean anything by itself. You can only use "dB" to compare two values. For example: value A is 1dB higher than value B, whatever the values A and B.

If someone asks you to provide a measurement in "dB", it means they made a common mistake. They actually want "dBm".


Dhananchezhiya Parasuram - 12th September 2013  (06:18 GMT)

I am using Selective Level Meter(SLM) to measure power line carrier communication gain in this meter its showing only the unit of dBm but I need to measure inform of dB Its there any formula to convert dBm to dB, any one can explain details please.

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