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2G to 3G reselection problem

INDRANIL - 11th March 2009  (06:08 GMT)

yah, repeated drive tests has been accomplished.same result happens.


Pix - 10th March 2009  (19:17 GMT)

mmm... sorry, i've got no clue at all. It's just not logical :)

Have you repeated the drivetests several times ? :) that's the only thing i can think of !

Indranil - 10th March 2009  (13:30 GMT)

Nortel-2G BSS connected to Nortel NSS.
Ericsson-2G BSS connected to Ericsson NSS.
Ericsson-RNC connected to Ericsson NSS.
If I use any MS (except K660i) 2g->3G & 3G -->2G in any zone(Zone-A/B/C) no problem.

If I use K660i 2g-->3g(ericsson 2g area-->ericsson 3g area) ---->problem occurs.
but ericsson 3g area-->ericsson 2g area no problem.

if I use K660i Nortel 2g to Ericsson 3g no problem & Ericsson 3g --->Nortel 2g no problem.

in any other circle except my circle, ericsson 2g area to ericsson 3g & vice versa has been tested successfully.

Hope,now I have made the scenario clear.
If need any input more pls ask


Pix - 10th March 2009  (06:08 GMT)


First thing > Pan asked you two questions, and you answered none :)

Then, to summary, let's say there are 3 zones:

Zone A: Nortel 2G/3G BSS - what NSS ??
Zone B: Ericsson 2/3G BSS - what NSS ??
Zone C: Ericsson 2/3G BSS - what NSS ??

If you use any MS (except K660i), reselection occurs from 2G to 3G and from 3G to 2G in Zone A, B and C.

If you use a K660i, the reselection occurs 2G -> 3G & 3G -> 2G in Zone A and B, but only 3G -> 2G in Zone C.

Note: you hint that you didn't try the reselection in Zone B with the K660i yourself, someone else did. Are you sure they performed the reselection in both directions?


Indranil - 10th March 2009  (05:07 GMT)

Hi Pan,
Thanks for ur response.
Thing is that,in our circle different vendor 2G networks running, 3g is going to be launched.using same handset(K660i) & USIM
in Nortel 2G area,manual network selection represents 2g & 3g network both,but in Ericsson area,whenever camping in 2g network,after network selection 3g network is not coming.But,after caping on 3g network , network selection returns 2g&3g both n/w.
Even,in another circle , there is no such issue --it has been tested using K660i handset,it works fine.So, how can we claim it is handset issue?

Pls share .


Pan - 7th March 2009  (11:35 GMT)

Dear, Pix and INDRANIL! Many thanks for your trust to me :) But I can't to say more than Pix already said. If INDRANIL inserts the same SIM card in all mobile and only K660i was unhappy then most likely it is Sony Ericsson drawback.
INDRANIL, if you want to learn Manual Network Selection Procedure deeper then see 3GPP 23.122. Also, I want to ask you. How does K660i present the 2G and 3G PLMNs for the same operator, when it shows the list of PLMNs/access technologies for manual selection?

paraHO - 7th March 2009  (10:18 GMT)

There have been a few problems with K660i needed software upgrade.

Indranil - 7th March 2009  (07:33 GMT)

Thanks Pix, for your response.can u give me mr. Pans email id.


Pix - 6th March 2009  (23:16 GMT)

It sounds like this particular mobile does not work properly... Mr. Pan can certainly help you with this, let's hope he'll come around.


INDRANIL - 5th March 2009  (19:05 GMT)

Hi experts,

I am facinf one problem in our network during launching 3G network:

in Sony Ericsson handset K660i
if u latch on 2G coverage area & select manual network selection the UE cant register into 3G network.But, if the UE latches on
3G network, it can easily register into 2G network (manual network selection).But, for other handsets 2g to 3g camp-on & vice-versa happening at ease.
Pls suggest what would be the cause & how to rectify it.


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