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RX diversity alarm-Ericsson

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anonyme - 21st December 2010  (14:19 GMT)

you must verify jumpers feeders and connectors or you must used site master and see the value of vswr your can found the localisation of proleme.good luck.c'est l'expérience qui parle.

Ch.vinodh - 25th October 2010  (04:20 GMT)

I'm very new to this field & first of all i just want to know what is rx diversity lost,rx path imbalance in ericsson and how we can rectify them.please help me.i am totally in confusion and my seniors are not helping me.please help me...

Abdullah - 25th March 2009  (07:41 GMT)

It worked out.It was an RDU with so many cables.I spent like 3 hours to trace the correct cable.Some other cable was attached to the antenna :-)

emreigrek - 19th March 2009  (09:27 GMT)

check your rx jumps, rx feeder cross. and rx feeders swr level. othervise related omc side.

aman - 19th March 2009  (05:21 GMT)

how to resolve the diversity alarm

emreigrek - 18th March 2009  (12:44 GMT)

oo yeaa i remember couple of years ago faced some stations rxdiv. lost .(8-9 bts) in same area . now i understood it was a maio plan problem.

aman - 18th March 2009  (09:00 GMT)


finn - 13th January 2009  (06:00 GMT)

sure it will come back. so better have sitemaster or equivalent in troubleshooting.. it makes also handy when you have a netmonitor to check whether your BCCH is on the right sector/cell.. have fun! goodluck

emre iğrek - 12th January 2009  (08:40 GMT)

when you reset the TG or halt the station it will appear again at least 1 hour. (if u cant rapair ant. system). never leave the site if u dont sure to fixing site

finn - 10th January 2009  (14:14 GMT)

it happens if you have a crossed feeder towards the antenna.. check it simultaneously.. I mean, have someone upstairs to check the feeder connection.. try to do DTF with a dummy load to see which feeder you are testing. if he picked the wrong one, of course you will get a VSWR of the whole antenna system.. so you'll have to do it 1 by 1.. the cell A TX/RXA leg is not paired with Cell A RXB. it means the right diversity is paired with the other sector..

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