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A-Z termination using H.323 and SIP
A-Z termination
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The Best RNP & RNO Tools

vijay - 8th November 2010  (13:40 GMT)

i need to know with the help of gladiator how can i make interference matrix.
logfile collected by agilent E6474A

zamer - 26th November 2008  (08:58 GMT)

Yes, nemo outdoor logfile can process with problem at all..

Quan - 10th October 2008  (02:58 GMT)

Please let me know if Actix Spotlight can use the measurement data from TEMS Investigation and Nemo Outdoor?

Thank you very much!


ako - 15th September 2008  (11:10 GMT)

I think Ranopt can easily support NEMO if it is not yet supported now. NEMO logfile is already in textfile format and don't need any SDK to read it.

I think NEMO BTS logfile is a text file with .nbf extension. I am probably wrong since it was 2 years ago that i last used NEMO.

Yaser - 15th August 2008  (04:33 GMT)

Can anyone help me. i want to know is Nemo Outdoor file compatible with Ranopt ?

lotfi - 12th August 2008  (08:51 GMT)

Hi everybody,
I'm novice with nemo, please anyone can help me about the BTS file structure (*.nbf file).

zamer - 30th July 2008  (02:57 GMT)

I have already used ranopt.

It easy and more user friendly.

I also used nemo and tems for drive test. From my expirience..i prefer nemo. It simple and easy to operate compare with temps. The size off log file more smaller than Tems.

I think NSN will use nemo for there DT tools.

ako - 16th April 2008  (06:48 GMT)

I think NEMO Analyze have more capabilities than TEMS Route Analysis processing tool, but TEMS have a report generator that tells you the KPIs of your drive test log files.

On the other hand, have anyone of you have used RANOPT post processing tool? How is it compared to Actix?

Chris - 11th April 2008  (12:08 GMT)

I think both NEMO and TEMS supports UE/Datacards, that have HSPA (HSDPA/HSUPA) functionality.

m@u - 10th April 2008  (20:00 GMT)

What would be then the best tools to test and deploy HSPA ? Any ideas?

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