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Paging Success Rate

Ayat - 22nd April 2017  (05:53 GMT)

Hello all
We enable precise paging in level bsc we checked the counters notice that we have precise paging for 3 time in level radio only while cs configurstion support first and second paging only one of our engineer recomend to enable third paging in core leve , so why we need this while we have third paging in radio??

Surender - 26th June 2014  (04:33 GMT)

How to improve location update success rate?

smita - 20th January 2014  (04:56 GMT)

i am doing my project in location management in cellular aim is to reduce the total cost which is update cost +paging cost
i would like to implement this successful paging and location update in matlab software.

Arthi - 30th August 2013  (05:35 GMT)


hi team,

Kinldy provide the Function of above block in Ericsson BSC.

pix - 2nd August 2013  (13:38 GMT)


all those are NSS parameters.. Basically, how many times a paging shall be repeated if there was no answer to the first paging.

And how much delay between two repetitions.

Paging area : the first paging is send over the LAC for CS, and RAC for PS (except with "smart paging", where the paging is sent at cell level initially -to be confirmed-)

In case of no answer, the repetition can be broadcasted still at LAC level, or on all LAC of network, or on several BSC, etc.

If you find someone who works at NSS level, just ask, he can explain all.


pia - 1st August 2013  (12:18 GMT)

Hello PIX,

could you please specify the values of the Paging repetition timer, and more explain about the paging repetition areas

pix - 26th July 2013  (16:46 GMT)


are there paging congestion ? (in BTs or in BSC)

otherwise, you will need to tune some NSS parameters (paging repetition timer, paging repetition areas).

There is a new feature called smart paging, or somthing like that.


pia - 23rd July 2013  (09:04 GMT)

How can we improve the PSR in E// network, please

Prashant Kumar - 20th December 2012  (04:03 GMT)

how to improve psr in Moto system, plz give me the step by step procedure.

Ater - 25th April 2012  (02:24 GMT)

Hi Mohamed
There are many ways to improve the psr. All depends of the reasons for bad psr

Check your paging strategies (Alex will give you diferent strategies depending on your's network size and topology)

Then you need to check counters

Is the number of pages/seg to High?
Is the number of pagecong or pagetoold (on cell level ) to high?
if so
Maybe you can split the location areas with bad psr in two
If you can't do the LA splitting maybe you can add a new CCCH to all the cells with the highest number of pagecong and pagetoold (this can be done with a G11 feature called "multiple CCCH")

these three simple steps will improve your psr

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