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hela - 12th March 2014  (22:13 GMT)

RSSI rscp

Fasiuddin - 14th August 2013  (10:54 GMT)

How to solve RSSI issue in 3G
Service Provider Ericsson

pix - 1st June 2013  (07:38 GMT)


yes.. which vendor ?

CJM - 30th May 2013  (19:19 GMT)

Is there a counter for the drop call due to poor RSCP?

PRATEEK - 19th March 2013  (12:56 GMT)


pix - 5th March 2013  (22:26 GMT)


RSCP : -50dBm to -120dBm


enayatullah - 5th March 2013  (06:29 GMT)

what is the range of RSCP?

is it right that from -50 to 110dbm ?

pix - 8th October 2012  (18:03 GMT)

Ec is related to RSCP

"No" is related to the noise.

increasing the gain of the antena will improse RSCP, RSSI and Ec/No in the direction of the antenna lobe.


Florin Ciubotaru - 8th October 2012  (13:03 GMT)

RSCP measured by UE depend of receiver antenna gain? If use antenna with gain =7 dBi, RSCP will increase?
What happend wit Ec/Io and RSSI ?

Tophan jena - 2nd July 2012  (11:02 GMT)

How many SRB and RAB are established in PS/CS call.If the UE is activated in multiple CS call, how many SRB/RAB are allocated? Plz clarify my. Thank you

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