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-48 V DC in Telecom Equipment

Amir - 9th December 2015  (08:29 GMT)

why we use telecom equipment DC Voltage?

Ramasabarinathan - 27th February 2015  (14:07 GMT)

why in BTS eqiupment use only DC voltage?
can you please give informations in briefly.

Tadele Haile - 21st February 2015  (08:24 GMT)

Thank you for your informative answer to my burning question that i heard from interview question.

i hope we will be in touch.

james - 8th February 2015  (07:30 GMT)

what does pulse and lightening to do with -48v DC?

swati kumari - 15th January 2015  (09:47 GMT)

Why dc is given to bts ,why not ac?

sri - 9th January 2015  (06:56 GMT)

the standard lead acid cells or others are of 12vdc. Mulitiples of 12 gives 48V.

manzer aquil - 28th November 2014  (12:57 GMT)

why use -48 volt why not -50volt in BTS

Vasuki soni - 18th October 2014  (07:22 GMT)

Can negative voltages be used in other domains like power systems preferably to protect equipments from lightning and noise as has been identified in above comments..

gyan - 5th August 2014  (16:02 GMT)

It is -48 V D.C cause of the commercial battery stack available. Commercial battery stack is available in -12 V, -24 V or - 48 V. For info, actually any telecom equipment or for that matter any sophosticated equipment runs on a range of supply voltages by using their own inbuilt SMPS and it is very difficult to maintain a constant voltage by the power source.

BIBHUTI BEHERA - 3rd August 2014  (15:22 GMT)

1* In negative voltage due direct current less noise occurs... As a result telecom equipment gives high output..
2* corrosion less on eqiupment

3* It protect the equipmet fom lightning.

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