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Ryan - 1st July 2013  (07:36 GMT)

To start a call center with all legal certificates and documents with 20 seats for international Call center it will cost you 22.5 lakh in Bangladesh.

arif rana - 5th April 2013  (07:57 GMT)

I would like to set up a domestic call center in dhaka,bangladesh. preferably 7/10 seater.
i wanted to know how much overall investment is required and what r the documents?how much investment in inbond or outbond call center?what type of server & dialer are more preferable for inbound or outbound in domestice call centre?

plz inform soon as possible

Sarkar J - 15th March 2013  (19:23 GMT)

Hi Guys
I would like to setup an call center at Kolkata, WB, India.

I need Below information:

1. What are the Govt. License I need to purchase/register, if there are different types please guide me with cost
2. Estimated Cost for 10 Person
3. It has to be 24x7
4. Is there any sites to place bid
5. Where is the possible way to get the first contract?
6. If there is something I'm missing.

santhosh - 8th November 2012  (11:53 GMT)

hi Ananth,
which type of dialer and setup you need?
inbound,outbound,callrecording,call forwarding...

Ananth - 22nd October 2012  (21:30 GMT)

Can u please tel me the cost of a dialer

Rajat Mathur - 25th August 2012  (18:31 GMT)

I am Rajat Mathur, from Lucknow, India, I want to setup a call centre in Lucknow with 10 terminal setup, kindly let me know about Technology / Cost & other expenditures for the same.

Rajat Mathur

Chyrill Stucker - 24th August 2012  (17:32 GMT)

Hi Parvinder,
Well, I won’t be able to brief you on the entire expenditure but I can of course, guide you on the expenses of your phone system. I have been using services.My provider has a certain proposal that if you have per day calling time of over 10K, then they give the Hosted PBX system free of cost. However, you will have to pay the fee of $20/month if the traffic is below 10K/day. However, calling service is not available within India. So, this the approximate cost that will be incurred in your telephony expenses.

parvinder - 23rd July 2012  (10:15 GMT)

I want to setup a call center and i want to know about a call center requirements, Cost for 10 People....

Shourya Sarthak - 19th July 2012  (09:07 GMT)

I want to set up a call centre in kolkata. I want to know the capital required for this and all rules regarding this

Aprameya majumdar - 18th July 2012  (09:41 GMT)

I would like to set up a domestic call center in kolkata. preferably 20 seater.
i wanted to know how much overall investment is required and what r the documents?

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